Ronen Divon


Ronen has been instructing Yoga and Tai Chi since 1995. Continuing to explore and practice the ancient ways of Yoga and Tai Chi , as well as other Eastern methods and philosophies, Ronen stresses in his classes elements of relaxation, elongation and breathing. The Yoga instructed is in line with Sivananda Yoga. Tai Chi practice includes practice of the basic moves, the Yang short (24) form, Qigong, meditative and breathings techniques, as well as the Dao and I-Ching philosophies behind the practice.

Ronen’s primary interest is in individual and personal exploration of the body, and through it, a glimpse into the soul.

Ronen is also an author of adult fiction and children books, latest of which is, as well as novels, articles and short stories. His other passions include scuba-diving and film (see his column and recommendations at You can read Ronen's blog (posts related to spirituality) by clicking here.


Ran Baron

Ran Baron

Ran Baron is a spiritual seeker and a public speaker in the field of theology, Eastern philosophy and mysticism. Ran has instructed numerous meditation workshops, Yoga retreats, and has given hundreds of talks and lectures about the nature of spirituality and self inquiry. He has lived through many different spiritual paths including being ordained as a Hindu priest (Brahmana). Ran is a certified Yoga Instructor, a Tai Chi & Qigong instructor, and has been studying and practicing Buddhism, Zen, Hinduism and the many flavors of Yoga. He emphasizes a non-dogmatic approach that allows for personal growth through an honest thirst for truth. Ran recognizes that all spiritual paths are of various colors and hues, and that different individuals utilize their own palettes when painting their life's picture.


Denise Morales


Denise Morales is a practitioner of Hatha yoga and meditation for a number of years. Her passion for Hatha yoga and Eastern Philosophy has inspired her to become an instructor of this ancient wisdom. She strongly believes that Yoga not only benefits one’s physical wellbeing, but brings mental clarity and self awareness, leading to true happiness and inner peace. Her class emphasizes ahimsa (non-violence) and acceptance of one’s body. It is a meditative class inspired by the teachings of Swami Satchidananda. Through her study of religion, Denise has discovered that although the paths are many, the Truth is One. It matters not which path you choose, but what is discovered along the way. Yoga has greatly impacted her life and how she views it. It has inspired her to become a better human being, and she hopes her teaching will do the same.


Toni-Anne Leone

Toni-Anne Leone

Growing up having a grandfather from China has left me with an affinity toward Eastern Asian cultures and religions. I was 19 years old when my professor and RYT, Dr. A.K.B Pillai, asked, “What is the most vital thing in life?” Many of the students in the class offered answers such as love, success and variations of health. For the entire semester our professor withheld his answer. All the while offering subtle hints, after lectures on Hinduism and Transcendentalism, he would pause next to each student and take deep inhalations and even longer exhalations. “Ah, the breath my students!” he exclaimed with great love and laughter. “We must learn to breathe with one another.” And together, we learned to breathe and meditate. Over 15 years later, with two glorious children and a career teaching public school in Monroe-Woodbury, I’ve managed to continue my love affair with the ancient art of yoga and meditation. I’ve been blessed with a handful of yoga teachers and continue my quest for knowledge as a student and teacher right here at Monroe Yoga. It is my intention to share my experiences and natural respect for yoga so that I can spread this message of wellness and compassion to adults and children in our community.


Vallerie LEGEAY

Vallerie LEGEAY

Vallerie LEGEAY was an opera singer for 15 years. Although she likes the modality very much, she often had the feeling of being a "trained poodle" singing within the vocal range that was expected of a Lyric soprano. She wanted to break free of the "beautiful sound" and explore beyond the voice to access the world of frequencies. So she did. The difficult part came when it was necessary to "allow" the natural voice to come through. Along the way, she encountered many vocal blocks most of them attached to psychological traumas of the past. How does one break from tradition and accepted vocal concepts!? Vallerie went on a vocal journey, pushing further and further the octaves, the sounds and the possibilities by connecting with the Oneness of the Universe. "In the beginning was the Word" she learned to listen and connect with the heart.
What emerged is a 4 octaves vocal range going from coloratura to deep chest sounds and overtones. She asssits herself by blending her voice with the frequencies of Tibetan and crystal bowls. The sounds become One. No two performances are alike; she plugs into the group energy of the audience and offers them "their" Sound. It fills the meditative need of the Moment. The audience is invited to relax and open to this Journey of sound and then reflect and share their experience afterwards.


Sifu Ken Lo (visiting instructor)

Sifu Ken Lo

Sifu Ken Lo Xing Gui, Wu Mei Pai Grandmaster, is the 7th generation head of the Wu Mei Pai Martial Arts lineage. He has studied Martial Arts since 1963, and Wu Mei Pai under Grandmaster Hsieh Peng and Maha Yoga under Swami Shivom Tirth Maharaji since 1973. He also studied Feng Shui, Chinese astrology, face and palm reading, and Oracle under Master Suern Gwoo, Chinese poetics under Dr. Lo Wai Lik, and calligraphy, painting and Tea Arts under Master Luo Chien Wu since 1985. He has been studying Tibetan Buddhism with Geshe Michael Roach since 1995. Visit his website for more information. Sifu Len Lo is a visiting special workshop instructor at Monroe Yoga & Tai Chi.


Shanee Habari (visiting instructor)

Shanee Habari

A musician, singer, and composure. Producer and creator. Therapist with Shiatsu & Acroyoga. Leading workshops and owner of a music studio. Several years ago Shanee was acquainted with the Tibetan bowls, fell in love, and from there the world of music connected to the world of meditative movement to create a unique and touching experience. Through playing, singing, movement, and yoga Shanee intertwined herself- the second chord- that combines between all the worlds through observation of the spaces between. "I feel, move, sing, dive and touch the layers of the person in front of me and together create a light that bursts outward."

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