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  • Why Jesus Never Used The Bathroom
    If you ask spiritual seekers about their aspirations, they will likely mention an idealized figure: a Buddha, a famous Rabbi, a Saint or a Sage, someone usually from past times. Why do we need such figures? Furthermore, why do we elevate them above the human being? Is it really so we will have something to aspire to?
  • Meditation Tips
    Are you having a hard time kick-starting your meditation practice? Not sure how to maintain it? Do you need some practical advice how to go about meditating? This article was written with you in mind.
  • The Closet Monster
    You are about to embark on a trip to a foreign country. In the weeks ahead of departure, you may be excited in anticipation. Yet the morning of the trip, stress starts creeping in and it quickly builds. Questions pop up in your mind: “What did I forget to pack?” “Will I make it in time to the airport?” “Will the check-in go smoothly?” “Will my plane arrive safely?” And so on and so forth. What is going on? What is the source of this sudden anxiety and stress-generating concerns? Why are all these unfavorable situations being formed in your brain?
  • Checkmate of Pain
    Getting in touch with our inner child when facing conflicts, as a way to avoid the infliction of pain.

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