Benefits of Yoga

The many benefits of the Hatha Yoga practice can be summarized into three elements:

  1. Long term quality of life: the practice opens the body, flexes muscles, revitalizes bones, massages internal organs, and all in all -- improves health and mobility, and restores balance: both physical and mental.
  2. Relaxation: the Yoga practice employs constantly anchoring techniques, fixing the ever-busy mind in the now. It is not a special meditation practice but rather a common by-product of the actual Yoga exercises, resulting almost always in a sense of mental calm.
  3. Spiritual: the quality of life and relaxation elements are beneficial to anyone, whether interested in health and/or fitness. But there is a third element to Yoga, one for which it was originally created, or, per the Hindu belief, discovered: the spiritual aspect. For spiritual seekers Yoga is a way by which one can open a gate to a journey within. If we believe a person is made of a body and a soul, with the soul being illusive; by learning the body and by means of deduction, a spiritual seeker practicing Yoga, can discover shades of his or her soul. The discovery is individualistic as is the path each seeker takes. But the gate lies through the Hatha Yoga practice.

Benefits Testified by Studio Participants

Yoga for rehab

I was out of rehab for just a week when I contacted Ronen about yoga instruction. I am 60 years old, just released from rehab after a bone marrow transplant, and found myself very stiff with much muscle loss and inability to do the exercises I have always done. Within a short time of two weeks I am already feeling more flexible and recovering from exercise much better than prior to instruction. Monroe Yoga is part of my recovery program and is much more than a Yoga class. Knowing the body, muscles, tendons and ligaments is why I chose this school and studio. Not only is this a great studio for everyone but more important, a great one for people recovering from serious illness.

-- Scott Berliner, Life Science Pharmacy, July 2013


Injections?- No, thank you!

I have had a deep pain in my upper back since I was 12 or 13. It was just something there, I never gave it much thought. But two pregnancies in quick succession and hunched nursing positions just made it really painful. I went to a doctor, who cheerfully announced that he will just schedule me for 3-4 yearly injections. It won't cure me but will make the pain go away. But to have that for life? I didn't think it made sense.
I have tried yoga before, mostly DVDs, and I liked it. But this time I felt I needed it more seriously, not to mention that I wanted to get back my pre-baby body. I got my wish and some more. I rarely feel my old back pain, I weigh the same as before the kids, and I am stronger than before too. But wait, there is more! I discovered that practicing yoga was very beneficial to my mental state as well. I realized that I was much calmer around my two little kids which every stay at home mom can appreciate. I have became a fan of yoga, and for the first time of my life I am actually sticking to regular exercise (3 years and counting at the studio). I think this last fact alone should convince everybody to at least try yoga!

-- Orsi Sussner, Jan 2011


Crohn’s disease

I came to Ronen’s class after many years of living with Crohn’s disease.  I was seeking a new way to live with it.  My goal was to dig deep within myself for a connection between the mind and body.  There are two known facts: 1. Stress exacerbates Crohn’s and, 2. Yoga helps relieve stress.  What I sought, however, was not the shallow types of yoga in “factories” or gyms.  I wanted a true spiritual connection.  I found that in Ronen’s studio.  I joined the studio in January, 2010 and have experienced the best health I have had in many years.  Crohn’s Disease is no longer a factor in my life.  There is no doubt in my mind that through yoga’s spiritual and stress-relieving benefits I feel as if that condition has been conquered.   This was not an easy task for a type A personality.  I want to also stress that much of the credit goes to Ronen.  Not only does he understand what the condition means but he has taken it upon himself to research treatments.  Because of the benefits I have experienced I have recommended yoga to two of my undergraduate students who also have Crohn’s.

-- John Fontana, Dec 2010


My breath of fresh air...

Beginning my yoga practice was by far, one of the best things I have done in a long time! In less than a year I’ve attained a remarkable increase in flexibility and have become stronger and more toned. My posture and balance have also improved, which I might not have ever given much thought to prior to yoga! More than all the physical improvements, I am beginning to realize a new found sense of self-acceptance. I’ve become more aware of my body, less stressed, more calm and more open to a spiritual direction. I enjoy the overall feeling of well-being that seems to be arising from my practice of yoga! I don’t think I could ever give it up! And of course, dropping 2 jeans sizes was a definite added plus! :)

-- Lisa Silk, Dec 2010


My Saving Grace......Yoga!

I have always been pretty much in good physical shape and the type that likes the "natural" way of doing things. If I can take care of myself without having to pop any pills or have my body opened up (for surgery) to fix an issue, that's the way for me. For years I have been trying to find some way of keeping myself in physically good health without having to be in a gym and lifting weights. I tried swimming but it was always hard from me to get to a pool year round. So I kind of stuck to doing aerobics at home, but you know how that goes (you kind of cheat and slack off). A few years back, a friend of mine recommended that I do yoga and, at that time, I didn't pay any attention to him. But, as I saw yoga being implemented into a lot of work out routines, I decided to buy a couple of VHS tapes (yes, folks, I said VHS - but I advanced to DVDs). I actually liked it, especially the spiritual part of it. I loved the calm feeling I felt. But me being the fickle person that I can be sometimes, I didn't continue it. About two years ago, I hurt my lower back while gardening. I went through the rounds of doctors, until one told me that there was nothing they could do and he recommend that I take yoga. Well, first, I was very surprised and happy that he didn't prescribe pain medication. So there I was on the hunt for a place where I could go that would fit with my work schedule. That is when I found Monroe Yoga & Tai Chi and I have to say it's the best thing that has ever happened to me. The way I feel now is so different from what I was feeling just three months ago. I have to say that yoga will be a part of my life from now on. No more slacking for me. When I can't make a class, I practice at home. I even find myself doing little sessions at work. The way I can settle my mind now is amazing. I feel stronger, more energetic and more flexible. I have actually lost weight without the crazy workout equipment. Overall, I feel healthier and happier than I have in a good many years. I recommend it to everyone that will listen to me.

-- Griselle, Dec 2010


Constrains and Flexibility of the Mind

Yoga, for me, is a practice that liberates the mind. My body is what it is. I can work on it forever and it may be a little more flexible on some days than on others. All in all I do feel much better in my body today than I did 10 and 15 years ago. But this is just a side benefit of the practice. The practice taught me to become more aware of my limitations, to really listen to my body – in and out of class. For example, I would feel my energy drop ahead of becoming ill and may be able to prevent illness from happening by taking measures ahead of time. But most of all, Yoga is teaching me to let things go. Rather than holding to old angers, fears, desires – holding on in a manner that builds stress, anxiety, rigidity, I am learning to let things flow through me. I am striving to relax my mind to a point it becomes completely flexible. I am learning to stop taking my breath for granted...

-- Ronen Divon, Dec 2010

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