Ronen Divon


Ronen has been instructing Yoga, Tai Chi and Qigong since 1995. He is an E-RYT 500 Yoga Alliance instructor. Continuing to explore and practice the ancient ways of Yoga and Tai Chi, as well as other Eastern methods and philosophies, Ronen stresses in his Yoga classes elements of relaxation, elongation and breathing. Yoga practice includes the various classic asanas, yoga series, relaxation and breathings techniques. The Yoga instructed is in line with Sivananda Yoga.

Ronen’s primary interest is in individual and personal exploration of the body, and through it, a glimpse into the soul.

Ronen is also an author of adult fiction and children books, latest of which is, as well as novels, articles and short stories. His other passions include scuba-diving and film (see his column and recommendations at You can read Ronen's blog (posts related to spirituality) by clicking here as well as daily life lessons by clicking here.


Dennis Rocks

Dennis Rocks

Dennis was first drawn to Yoga to improve flexibility, balance and overall wellness, as well as to complement a recreational lifestyle. The more Dennis practiced the more he began to experience deeper awareness. He became further interested in linking breath with movement. In his own practice, as well as in his classes, these are currently the areas where Dennis hopes to share his experience as well as explore it further with his classes participants.


Jeannie Connolly

Jeannie Connolly

Jeannie had been practicing yoga since 2004. She was drawn to the practice following a diagnosis of an herniated disc of the cervical spine. The practice of yoga not only strengthen her neck but also built agility and flexibility through the entire body. Jeannie likes to work out and finds the practice of yoga to be rewarding as well as complimenting to her exercise. By becoming a yoga instructor, Jeannie feels privileged and honored to share her experience and knowledge with others.


Rachel OReilly

Jeannie Connolly

Rachel had been practicing Yoga since 1997, primarily for assisting her rid of anxiety, as well as obtaining a better night's sleep. Over the years her practice grew and developed as she realized there are many other benefits to Yoga. Rachel has several old injuries from a car accident. She discovered that the practice of Yoga has helped stretch and strengthen the affected areas. The practice also helped with herniated discs in the neck and lower back as well as sciatica. Rachel exercises her Yoga regularly. Realizing all that Yoga had done for her, she decided to become an instructor so she may share these wonders with others. Experiencing pains, aches, stress and evading sleep firsthand, Rachel relates to participants who take classes with her, guiding them how to safely stretch and relax, as well as address stress and improve sleep. Join Rachel for a class!


Nancy Dundatscheck

Jeannie Connolly

Nancy experienced her first yoga class with a Sivananda yoga teacher while in Art School in downtown Chelsea, NY in 1982. She was hooked. She continued to practice yoga informally while pursuing massage therapy, Chinese Medicine, Reiki, and Pranic Healing. She also became certified in Western herbal studies as an adjunct to these modalities. Nancy’s passion for healing and spiritual wholeness brought her to Monroe Yoga and Tai Chi’s YTT program. Through yoga instruction, Nancy hopes to inspire others to heal and strengthen themselves in body, mind and spirit while having as much fun as possible.


Liz Manko

Liz Manko

Liz Manko is a multi-certified yoga instructor specializing in Thai Yoga Bodywork, which combines massage and yoga, using the best of each world. This includes yoga poses, pressure, reflexology, acupressure and stretching. "With Thai Yoga Bodywork, the focus is on the individual, how their body feels that day and not so much on a regimented plan," says Liz. "Every day our bodies feel different, they move different, our moods shift. And no one session is ever the same."


Colby Rolando (visiting instructor)



Colby Rolando is a 500-hour certified yoga teacher who studied under Senior Teachers Jodie Rufty and Chrissy Carter at YogaWorks Manhattan. She has been teaching group classes and private sessions for the last 5 years and has created and led yoga retreats in Costa Rica and Ireland. As a formally trained dancer in classical ballet, jazz and modern, with extensive experience in choreography, Colby’s background has facilitated a deep understanding of movement and mindful sequencing, which translates well into her authentic style of teaching. Her clear, detailed and light-hearted instruction has helped students cultivate strength, flexibility, and clarity in asana. Colby teaches an inspired, challenging class that blends the precision of Iyengar’s alignment, with Ashtanga’s heating flow and emphasis on the breath. Forever a student of yoga and of life, she is consistantly deepening her own practice as well as applying the yogic teachings to her daily life. She is passionate to share these treasures with her students so that they too can create a deeper connection within, leading to greater peace, balance, wisdom, freedom and joy in their lives.


Jennifer Schmid (visiting instructor)


Jennifer is a Yoga & Meditation instructor. After spending three years living and studying at Ananda Ashram in Monroe, NY, she feels inspired to share her work with others. While living at Ananda, Jennifer immersed herself in a daily practice of Vedic fire ceremony, meditation and the study of yoga philosophy. She received a full introduction into the Sanskrit language, which incited her love for chanting. In March of 2008 Jennifer received her certificate to teach Yoga. She later completed a nine month Spiritual Leadership Training with Meditation Teacher Harshada Wagner. Her classes focus on the natural expression of movement supported by the breath & inner awareness. Her intensive studies have helped her to integrate meditation and yogic philosophy into her teaching in order to create an atmosphere of healing and peace. She dedicates her service and studies to the peace & well-being of all.


Arlene Kobylinski (visiting instructor) 


Having studied yoga for over 15 years in New York City, Arlene is a seasoned AFPA Certified Yoga instructor. A past marathoner, Arlene learned yoga during her training, becoming hooked on the benefits that Yoga lends to the Mind, Body and Spirit. Her goal is teaching adults and children how important it is to incorporate, breathing, stretching and "being present" into our everyday lives. Arlene lives in Highland Mills with her husband, two young boys and her dog Buddha.


Ran Baron (visiting instructor)

Ran Baron

Ran Baron is a spiritual seeker and a public speaker in the field of theology, Eastern philosophy and mysticism. Ran has instructed numerous meditation workshops, Yoga retreats, and has given hundreds of talks and lectures about the nature of spirituality and self inquiry. He has lived through many different spiritual paths including being ordained as a Hindu priest (Brahmana). Ran is a certified Yoga Instructor, a Tai Chi & Qigong instructor, and has been studying and practicing Buddhism, Zen, Hinduism and the many flavors of Yoga. He emphasizes a non-dogmatic approach that allows for personal growth through an honest thirst for truth. Ran recognizes that all spiritual paths are of various colors and hues, and that different individuals utilize their own palettes when painting their life's picture. Ran is a substitute Yoga & Tai Chi instructor at Monroe Yoga & Tai Chi.

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